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1969 AC Issues

Hey Bill,
I have a 1969 Continental that when you have the a/c on, the air does not blow out the vents. No matter what setting you have it on, it won`t come out the vents. I have vacuum to the a/c controller(not sure what its called)but no vacuum out to the vent diaphragm at the controller. Also there is no control of the temperature. you can rotate the knob but nothing happens to the air temperature coming out. I have voltage to the a/c controller compared to the 68 I have here but I am not sure what I need to see from the temperature control.
Also on the 68 2 door, we are going to need a drivers front door power vent motor and a power bench seat motor. Are these available or do you rebuild these?
Any insight would be great so we can get these parts from you.
Hello Dan –
Your description does not tell us if you are working on a vehicle with the Automatic Climate Control or Manual a/c heat. Since most had the Automatic option I will address it as automatic. You state that there is no air out the vents and that you have no temperature control but you do not say where the air IS discharging from now (defrost or floor etc.) In any case if you have proper vacuum and 12v power correctly to the system, it does sound like your main issue is in the climate control box. Back in the day these boxes were replaced with new ones when they were proven to be faulty. We now are able to successfully overhaul them for you to an as new condition. If you are not sure if yours is faulty we can offer to test it for you and advise. Before you send it to us you could run the continuity tests on your control switch and any other tests if you are able to. These excellent diagnostic tests are shown in the Shop Manual.
We should also be able to help you with the Vent window motor and the power seat motor as well. One of our staff will contact you regarding all of the above with details.

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