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1988 Town Car Heat / AC Problems

Hey Bill,
I have a 1988 Lincoln Town Car that I’m having heater/ac problems with. All of the speeds for the blower work(hi, low, auto) and the vent, floor, defroster, etc work fine, but whether the temperature is on cold or hot it’s still about room temperature. I pulled the glove box down and saw a gold colored cylinder with a vacuum line plugged into it, I pulled the vacuum line off and then either side of the temperature it was on it was hot. I would like to fix this, please let me know if you can help.
Greetings Andrew –
From your description it sounds like you have no heating OR cooling. The vacuum line that you pulled off sounds like it is from the Blend Door Servo Motor. It receives more or less vacuum from the Sensor unit above the glove box. With no vacuum, the system will be on max heat and with full vacuum applied it will be in the full cooling mode. If you have no cooling with full vacuum applied your refrigeration unit must also have an issue or issues. The sensor unit is operated by a control cable from the dash control. If the unit has the cable hooked up properly, this sensor is possibly faulty and this is a very common problem. We have new sensors available if necessary. In any case and as usual, proper diagnosis by a knowledgeable owner or technician is a must. Anything less is foolish and wasteful and even after repairing many of these Automatic Climate Control systems I never proceed without the factory Shop Manual close by. As it is with many a/c, heat systems, multiple faults may be found.

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