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1979 Mark New Owner Questions

Hi bill,
I just bought my “first” lincoln. Being a cadillac and camaro guy I was hesitant. But suet my first drive, ok I like it. ..a lot. With only 72000 miles and a couple little surface spots by the lower door area it was a steal at $1000. When I got home I noticed there was a knock or tap in the driver side head. Would fresh oil and maybe freshening up the leads on the OSU help this or should I just expect to go deeper? Also my throttle is sticking a little. And I’m curious if I can swap the carb from my camaros 350 (edelbrock 650 #1406?) And fix that issue or is it something different. I did notice online there was a recall for throttle sticking issues on the 77s. Any advise is great and thanks for the awesome feed here. I will read in full…and regularly.
Thanks again. Brian
Hi Brian –
Congratulations on your recent Mark V purchase. They are collected and enjoyed by many Lincoln lovers.
I of course cannot determine from here exactly what is causing your engine tapping or knocking sound but “if” it is caused by old dirty aged oil etc, as you are suggesting ( or hoping ) then fresh oil may indeed correct or at least improve the situation for you. If the noise is caused by a bent push rod, a broken valve spring, bad lifter or an engine bearing etc. then of course you will need to investigate deeper into the engine. The term OSU we are not familiar with.
As for the carburetor, all of the 79 Marks that we know of were equipped from FoMoCo with the 400 cid engine along with the Motorcraft 2 bbl 2150 carburetor. You are asking if the Edelbrock 1406 4bbl carburetor will “swap ” on to this engine. You will need to replace your original 2bbl manifold with some sort of 4bbl manifold to do so. Why not correctly diagnose and possibly repair the sticking condition first before deciding to embark on such a radical change? The recall that you are referring to on the 77s would probably involve only the very popular 460 cid 4 bbl carbureted engines of that year.
Both of the issues that you are describing are not unique to Lincoln, therefore the same type of careful diagnosis should apply that you are familiar with on your Camaros and Cadillacs.

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