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1966 Lincoln Continental Electrical Issues

Good Afternoon,
I have a 1966 Lincoln Continental and replaced battery. Now the open door light on passenger side stays on and the driver open door lights doesn’t come on when door is open. Also the “alt “gauge light stays lit while car is running. All the issues occurred after I changed to a brand new battery. The car seems to be running fine.
Thank you –
Greetings Vergel –
Automotive electrical issues sure can certainly play some strange tricks on us at times. However, the charging indicator and lighting issues that you are describing cannot occur because of or immediately after a simple battery replacement if in fact all that you have done was replace the battery. If you have merely disconnected the battery cables at the battery and then reinstalled them correctly on to a new or ” good known” 12volt battery and not disturbed any other electrical components or performed any other electrical repairs etc. the above problems cannot happen at that time in my opinion. There must be some additional important information that you are not sharing with us that you can provide in order for us to help you better. Please include your model of 1966 Lincoln and how long you have owned it. If there is in fact no further information that you can provide then you must diagnose these problems as separate issues with the use of the correct wiring diagrams and electrical tests that are shown in the shop manual. I would begin though by properly testing the fuses and the fuse clips in the fuse panel with a 12v test light and with the ignition key in the on position. Any fuse links under the hood and any bulbs that are not working at any locations should be the next areas to check. Many local auto parts supply locations such as Autozone, Advance or Napa etc. are able to test your charging system components at no charge if you are unable to do so. Let us know what you find.

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