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1970 Mark Water Pump replacement and other questions…

Hello Mr. Bill,
Water pump replacement. Broke 4 bolts at front cover housing. They seem to be moulded to he housing. Will be removing housing, maybe cutting if off with a multi-tool, to save bolt length for removal of bolts from block. Can removal of oil pan be done with engine in place? Can you mention any pitfalls to reassembly, such as gaskets, anti-seize or thread-lock for bolts, etc.?
Greetings John –
We were sorry to hear that these bolts broke while you were removing your water pump. I personally know how that feels. They may have broken because they were over tightened. The torque on the water pump bolts is 12-15 foot pounds.
The good news for you is that the front cover can be removed without removing the oil pan. The instructions are explicitly shown on page 21-07-10,11 and 12 of the 1970 FoMoCo engine manual. If you do not have this manual, ( we highly recommend these manuals ) we can send these pages to you. When you have the cover off you may want to inspect the timing chain and gears as they will be exposed. Anti-seize can be used on reassembly if you desire but proper torquing is crucial.
You will need the appropriate gaskets as described in the manual as well as a new front cover seal. Let George Miller at our office know if you require the previously mentioned pages. We can easily supply you with the necessary quality gaskets and seals etc. as needed. Replacement correct bolts may be available from our ample stock also. Just to let you know, we at Lincoln Land certainly do appreciate your business. Good luck with the repair.

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