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1988 Town Car AC-Heat Questions

Hi Bill,
my mothers 88 Town Car symptom is 1st- no heat (core hoses hot). Blower fan works and all speed selections work.
2nd- a/c appears to work and blow good and cold for a while. About 25 miles into drive and a/c stops working then will return with little or no effect the remainder of her trip home. A few days later she tell me and I drove it about 5 miles and the a/c worked great on a cold setting once again. I am more familiar with GM vehicles that actually have a button for the AC. These cars are more of a selectable climate which automatically turns on the heat or the AC depending on your temperature preference. I could not get the heat to work and it has not since she bought it approximately a couple years ago. We live in Florida as well and this hasn’t been an issue but I would like it to work correctly. I’m going over to double check vacuum lines and I read a few posts from other people were you have made recommendations. Her main concern is the air conditioning. It leads me to believe this is vacuum related or a vacuum related solenoid possibly or even maybe something to do with the automatic temperature sensor. I know there are solenoids and sensors under the passenger side dash and behind the glove Box but I do not have technical information on how each of these devices work. Please help, thanks again for your time.
Hi Sean –
That system is a fully automatic setup except for the control of the air and heat outlets. The operation of the automatic section is complicated enough however that a proper manual is very necessary to understand how it operates in order to do the diagnosis. Checking to find out if all of the vacuum lines and everything else is attached correctly is a good start though. For instance if the aspirator hose to the sensor assembly has fallen off, the unit will cool for an extra long time and then revert towards the heating side and appear to have stopped working.
If you have no proper manuals and would like the automatic climate control section sent to you, we may be able to arrange it for you. Send your Lincoln Land customer number to George at our office and he will get this out to you asap.

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