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1968 Automatic Temp Control Issue

Dear Uncle Bill,
The 68 sedan with auto. temp. is having a puzzling heat issue. When
the system is calling for heat in the “low” setting, everything inside the car seems to react as it should, outside the car, the hot water
control valve remains closed. As soon as the system is switched to
“high”, the valve immed. opens and plenty of heat enters the car. (I
know; “don’t push low”) What are your thoughts?
Thanks – I do appreciate this blog!
Hi Carter
We are glad that you appreciate the Lincolnland tech. blog. We try to keep it helpfull and easy to understand. Your ATC problem sounds like an electrical problem within the A.T.C. box. We would need to open it up here to verify this and then repair the issue. At the same time it is a good idea to go through all of the electrical inside the box and “tune it up” so that all functions will “snap to attention” for you. Give us a call any time when you are ready and we will arrange this for you. Will talk to you soon.
Bill @ Lincoln Land

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