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Horn Relay location and power draw

Hello Bill,
I have a 1972 Lincoln Mark IV and I am having an issue with the horn relay.
It appears as though the battery charger was accidentently placed on the battery in reverse polarity for approx. 5 minutes before it was discovered. A replacement battery was installed and the car appears to run fine and all electronics appears to work also – good things.
Unfortunately the horns are now stuck and even after having the horn disconnected, the car battery drains. I have found a replacement horn relay but I can not find it’s location to replace. Could you tell me where the horn relay is located and other tips to troubleshoot the battery drain issue.
Any help is appreciated.
Hi Steve
In 1972 and other years,only cars with Speed Control used a horn relay. The relay for these vehicles should be located under the dash near the steering column on the same bracket as the Speed Control amplifier. Because you state that your horns are stuck “on” and you have a battery draw even with the horns unplugged, I am guessing that your horn switch is stuck on and is energizing the relay and causing your battery to discharge. This can be easily verified by disconnecting the wiring harness that is routed up the steering colum for the turn signals, horn, and speed control. I would check and elliminate this possibility first. Good luck and be sure to contact us for further info. or any parts that you might need.

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