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Dale’s Dillemas

THANK’S for the Site.
My Driver’s Mirror Thermostat is out of adjustment, It reads 40 to 50 degrees higher than normal temp on any given day. Can it be adjusted or is a rebuild necessary and if so by whom?
I know there are Vacum control devices for the Headlight’s and other item’s but I don’t know where to look or get started…… The Door’s stay open when not running. Is this normal?
Where may I purchase a Vacum Book in which to learn where thing’s are.
This is my FIRST attempt on doing this type repair’s on my First Lincoln…………..
Oh…… by the way……… I am “Over the Hill”………….
Hi Dale
Very good questions. The outside thermometer of this era I am sorry to say have no known repair procedures at this time and we do not know of anyone who is repairing them as a service. The vacuum headlamp covers on the other hand are are a different matter. Your h/l vacuum covers will open sooner or later depending on the size and number of vacuum leaks in the system. Some are known to stay closed for weeks or more. The vacuum system can leak at any location where the vacuum is routed. If you are repairing this system yourself or having it repaired by your favourite shop, a set of service manuals is a must and will save you many $$$$’s and broken parts in the long run. However, some common places for leaks are Vacuum Cover Motors, H/L Switch, Vacuum check valve etc. etc. If you would like a set Shop Manuals please call Lincoln Land for more information. We can even discuss your Headlamp cover problem further at this time if you wish.

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