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1965 Continental Wiring Question

Got the wiring diagram for 1965 and found a mystery.
The #32 starter solenoid wire (Red/Blue) from ignition switch that passes through the kick-panel (green connector) is actually 2 wires inside the car. Expected just a single wire from neutral safety switch per the diagram. Where did that other Rd/Bl wire come from? Could there be a solenoid somewhere to kill headlights or AC while cranking starter motor? My hi-beam circuit (#12) currently runs the starter motor. Looking for 32 and 12 melted together someplace!

Thanks –


Hi Alan –

I know of no solenoid that kills the headlamps and or a/c circuits when the starter is cranking. If your problem is that the starter motor circuit is energized when the Hi Beam headlamps are turned on, I would begin at that circuit. The power path of the #12 (green and black) wire at the Hi beam/ Lo beam foot switch that leads to the Hi beam lamps and the Hi beam indicator could be carefully traced to the headlamps while looking for a fault or short that would cause your problem.

Keep in mind that if the wiring in your 65 has been previously modified or tampered with in these areas, the diagnosis could become more difficult for you. Good luck with your testing.



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