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1965 Continental – Fuel Smell From AC

Bill –

Recently got the AC re-charged and now have periodic gasoline smell coming from the AC.

No gas line leaks detected. A local mechanic shop suggested I might need a carb re-build that will cost between $600 to $700. Does that seem logical ? Any suggestions on what else to look at ?


Hello Phillip –

Welcome to the Lincoln Land Blog. There are never gasoline odours that can originate from an automotive A/C system . There fore your fuel odour under the hood or through the a/c outlets must originate from the fuel system itself. If the supply lines under the hood including the fuel pump and the fuel tank to the pump and fuel filter have been checked and found dry and not leaking, I too would suspect the carburetor. A carburetor over a period of time and wear can allow the fuel to be stored to a level that is too high and out of specifications. This fuel can occassionaly spill over and flood the engine internally and will be visible. In many cases however the overage will be very light and NOT be visible but will produce fuel vapors that can be detected under the hood and also inside of the vehicle. This may not happen all of the time but is annoying and an indication of a carburetor that soon will need attention. Of course, any fuel leaks require attention.

If the above which is a common issue sounds very much like your problem, please call your sales rep at Lincoln Land and He or She will let you know what we have available to correct this for you. We do wish you good luck and a speedy diagnosis and repair. 

Take care.


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