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1963 Continental Dash Lights

Hey Bill!
Thanks for all the help you provide to us Lincoln lovers! The lights for my gauges do not work (speedometer, clock, fuel, etc.). The turn signals still light up green though. Is there a switch I can try replacing or do I need to take a part the dash to change a bulb or something?
Thank you,
Hello Matt –
If only your instrument dash lighting is affected ( the dash lights that are dimmed by rotating the headlamp switch knob ) the problem could be a bad inst. fuse or contact that is located in the fuse box or a faulty dimmer rheostat coil and contact at the headlamp switch. If only some of your h/l controlled dash lights are out then you may find burnt out bulbs at only these locations If you find that your outside park lamps and license light are also non functional the issue could be inside the headlamp switch body. When you diagnose this circuit you must be sure to be aware of all of the lights that are not working. A shop manual with the correct wiring diagram and some circuit testing electrical skills are usually required When you pinpoint the problem, we will be able to help you further with parts or by rebuilding your headlamp switch if necessary etc. Let us know what you find.

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