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1966 Continental Running Issues

Bill –
I have a 1966 Lincoln continental, has 81,000 original miles on the 462 big block. I replaced the carter Carb with a brand new Edelbrock. Ive redone the entire starting system, charging system and cooling system and most of the fuel system I.E. fuel pump rubber fuel lines and new fuel filter. The car runs and idles great it revs up and heats up with no problems. Then I put it in reverse and back out of the drive way, no issues, and then I put it into drive no issues, I drive down the block and it runs great, then all of the sudden it starts to sputter and dies. I open up the hood and take the air cleaner off and push on the throttle and no gas is getting to the carb. and it wont start again. if I poor gas into the carb it starts right up so ive narrowed down that it stalls due to lack of gas but im not sure why its not getting gas with a brand new pump, filter, Carb, and lines throughout the engine bay (Have not redone the metal gas lines i n the paneling) and ideas would help greatly! Thank you!
Hi Tyler –
From your information, it sounds like you have the issue narrowed down to a fuel delivery problem. If so you will need to do the fuel pressure and volume diagnosis on a hot engine as per the factory service manual. One possible failure may be the fuel pump push rod which must measure 4 and 13/16 “in length. It would need to be removed and accurately measured to be sure. Even a new fuel pump could prove faulty, or incorrect. A fuel test on a hot engine at the point of a stalling should help pinpoint the culprit. Always re-check your fuel filter as well when diagnosing fuel issues. Two other faults could be the fuel pick up in the tank and small perforations in the steel fuel line.

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