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1962 Continental Convertible – Top Cylinder Replacement

Bill –

I am about to replace both top cylinders on my car. It seems to me it might be a good idea to prefill the cylinder through the upper fitting with ATF fluid (this car has previously been converted from brake fluid to type F ATF) before connecting the hose so as to facilitate the bleeding process. What do you think?


Greetings Mark –

Repairing any sections of the four door Lincoln convertibles can be a real learning experience. Filling and bleeding new top cylinders can be messy. We do not recommend filling them before installing the lines as they are two section hydraulic units.

Because you are our customer and have purchased these cylinders from Lincoln Land I am going to have you speak to Eric our convertible specialist. He will briefly point out to you our latest correct methods of bleeding the cylinders. When you are ready, call us and leave a message with George, John or Chris. Eric will then call you at his earliest convenience. Good luck with your repairs to the 62 convertible.





Hi Bill,
I spoke to Eric and he had some great advice. It never occurred to me to bleed the cylinders before connecting them to the top!
Thanks, it’s been a great help.



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