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1962 Continental Blow-by

I’m getting lots of oil out of the breather / fill tube. Already replaced the PCV valve. It’s a tired original 430, but do you have any advice to slow down the blow-by other ran rebuilding the engine?



Hello Michael –

Yes, it does sound from your info that you do indeed have a tired old 430 with plenty of miles. That convert probably has had many happy times with its owners.

I don’t think that you can improve the blow by much without some major restoration of the engine at this point in time. You could pinpoint and perhaps verify if the piston rings are the cause by having a good engine technician do a compression test to find out if the compression is low as per the engine specs. Some shops will then add a special oil mixture to the cylinders and then retest to confirm if the compression readings improve. This method is only a test for diagnosis purposes. A thicker oil in the crankcase may help somewhat but, in the end, it is you of course that must decide how far you want to proceed. Good luck with your repair.



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