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Timing Chain Controversy

Hi Bill,
I have a 67 Lincoln 2 door with the original 462 under the hood. I have read online and heard from different folks that I should replace the original nylon timing chain with a more reliable steel timing chain. I was wondering if this is worth spending the money on. I have not had any problems with the original timing chain, but I don’t ever want to have any problems with it either. I also have other projects on the car that I feel might be a higher priority. I guess my question is, do I really need to replace it with a steel chain, and if so how soon do I need to worry about doing this? I have not had any performance issues so far, but if this is what I got to do than I will. Thanks for your help Bill.
Jon From Spokane
Hello Jon
Your question is a good one as well as a controversial one. We too at Lincoln Land have seen many opposing opinions discussed “on line”. There are many items to consider before you decide and it should be a personal decision based on your own needs. For instance your engine may have already had the timing gears and chain replaced or the engine was driven and maintained in such a way that the nylon is still in great shape. This can happen. Replacing the timing set requires the removal of other common problem items to consider replacement of such as water pump, power steering pump and seals and the engine vibration damper. It can even lead to wanting to remove the oil pan to clean it inside and maybe to even replace the oil pump “while you are there”. Your statement that you do not want to ever have any timing chain problems can only result in one choice….replace it….but your other statement indicates that you don’t want too if you don’t need to. So you see it is a decision that you must make carefully based on your wants and needs and the history of your Lincoln in general. Please feel free to contact us to discuss it further at any time.

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