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T-Bird Crossover Parts

Hey Bill –
It’s Lincoln from Ogden, UT again. I have to say what OUTSTANDING Lincolns you have there. I need to replace the headlight vacuum motor on my 1973 Lincoln. I was wondering if you knew if part number D8SZ-13A167A would work, I know someone with one that’s new OEM still in the box. I’m sure glad for all your help you offer.
Ogden, UT
Greetings Lincoln –
Glad that you liked the Lincoln pics. These cars are great drivers and give us a lot of pleasure.
Your posted part number is for a 77-79 T-Bird according to the FORD archives from my contact. The part number needed for your 73 Sedan is DIVY-13A167-A and will fit 70-73. You would need to do a side by side comparison but I don’t believe that you could easily adapt it in my opinion. Hope this answers your question and Good Hunting in the future.

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