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1979 Town Car Issues

Hello Bill,
I’m having issues with my 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car. 1st the door locks do not work .. It’s weird, only one works and it’s not very good.. fuses are all good. I don’t understand what’s wrong with those.
Also my fuel gauge doesn’t work. I have got power to the gas tank and its a pulsing power .. on off, on off.. so I’m assuming it’s the sending unit in the tank. Do you think I could just pull it out and fix it? Or is this not the problem.
Please Help me Bill!
Joe K.
Hello Joe –
Power door locks are a great convenience…….until they stop. Your PDL problem is very common on all cars as the system ages. If you do have one that works somewhat it tells me that the system is powered up and the failure is probably the door lock motors themselves. Fortunately we have these motor assemblies available new and with a full one year warranty. They come with instructions to adapt them to several years of Lincolns and of course the use of our tech. hotline for further installation advice if necessary. The best ultimate repair is to replace all of these motors and to clean and lubricate the door locks themselves during the replacement. You can and should check for the appropriate power to each of the motors inside your doors before going this route but experience tells me that they have probably failed. We have had little luck in repairing any that have failed. Therefore I think that you should verify the problem in one of the doors first and then be prepared to replace them all. Cleaning and Lubrication of the door locks will also reward you with quick smoother operation with the new motors.
If you have pulsing power at the fuel gauge, connect a 12 v test light to the wire at this pulsed power at the tank with the key in the on position. You should see the gauge on the dash rise. If it does rise and will not move when plugged in with adequate fuel in the tank and the Ground wire at the plug is attached properly to the car body, your tank sending unit has failed or its float has punctured and has sunk ( very common ). This sending unit itself can be tested as per the manual if you are so inclined. We can offer new units or a rebuilding service for your convenience if required. You may however be lucky and need only the inexpensive Float as described above.
I hope that all of the above will get you started on a quick path to the cause of your problems Joe and if you have any further questions or wish to order any parts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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