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A Tough Question From A Lincoln Lover – An Opinion From Bill

Hey Bill,
I was reading your Blog and I wanted your opinion on something. I am 27, young compared to most Lincoln fans, but I grew up loving them, since I was able to talk I pointed them out to my Dad.
All I have ever owned are Lincolns from a 1975 Continental, to a 1985 Town Car. (And no I have never ruined one by putting rims on it or raising/dropping it).
What bothers me is the way that Lincoln is going today! How do you feel about Lincoln today? All their cars are small and Asian looking. WHY?!?!? For me, Lincoln is the staple of American Automotive design, but the cars are getting more and more Asian looking.
I know that in today’s market with fuel prices the way they are the company has to adapt, but there has to be a happy medium. The MKZ looks like a Toyota to me.
I have to compliment Chrysler for the design of the 300. Other big cars have been succeeding as well; the new Charger, Camaro, and Challenger have done well. I keep imagining a new Town Car in the vein of the Chrysler 300, and it would be amazing!
I love Lincolns, but I have to say that any thing past the 1985 Town car doesn’t really interest me. (Well, there are some pretty sweet 2000- 2005 models).
How would you like to see the company evolve?
Thanks for your great site and service.
Hi Bryan,
We are glad that you enjoy the Lincoln Land blog. Your views and questions take in a lot of territory, and are shared by many of us in the old and classic car hobby including myself.
I also grew up as you did being able to recognize car brands from a distance and wowing my Dad by calling out names and models. It is difficult to describe why certain things become important to us in life, but many of us learned at an early age that a real nicely maintained and good looking machine was something to admire – and to be proud of if you owned one.
Many of the older cars that we now love to collect and drive have a look about them that lets you believe that they could actually fly you to the moon. All of that type of styling and design is now lost, as the newer vehicles have evolved into utilitarian and really not very attractive people movers. I have tried to like the newer Lincolns, Cadillacs and others but I just can’t see any real value in them. The above is only my opinion of course and I am sure that many will have an opposite opinion.
One thought that I am sure of though is that many of our older Lincolns are things of beauty and to us in the old car hobby, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

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