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1972 Signal Light Questions…..

Hi Bill,
Enjoy the blog immensely. Had great service and chat with John in parts recently with regards to power window switch purchase for ’72 Continental, picture attached.
Now this is a question that is sure to tax all your mental resources.
Where does the signal light flasher mount on this Continental? Presently it hangs off its wires, behind/below the dash underneath the radio. I have service manual set, owners manual as well as owner light repair and I cannot find this.
Many, many thanks,
Greetings Robert,
Thanks for your support of the Lincoln Land blog. The Turn Signal Flasher unit, as well as the Hazard Warning Flasher unit, are both shown to be located on the fuse panel on your 72 Lincoln.
The fuse panel is located under the dash at the left side and 8-12 inches above the headlamp foot dimmer switch. The Turn Signal Flasher is shown on my wiring diagram as being the lower unit. If you have the FoMoCo shop manuals you will find a drawing of the fuse panel on page 34-30-04.
I don’t know what you are seeing under the dash in the radio area but if you can send us a picture (with a Sony camera), or a better description and the color of the wires etc., we may be able to identify it for you. Hope the above helps you.

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