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79 Mark V Power Issues

Good Morning,
I saw your postings on the internet and hoping you can help me.
The car has 118,000 miles on it. Everything is still original but hadn’t started for 2 years.
I put a battery and gas in and started right up, however the front seats would “click” when the doors were open, but nothing was moving.
The next day I drove down the street to run some gas through it and this is where my problem starts.
Car sputtered when I got on the gas, I cranked it back up and then it sputtered and did the same thing. Knowing I need to get a fuel filter and also rebuild the carburetor.
Well my problem now is the car doesn’t get power. I disconnected the power from the battery and re-connected it. When I did this, I heard the drivers seat “click”.
I turn the key in the “on position and I get all my dash lights and the door buzzer. As soon as I turn the key once more, the drivers seat “clicks” , I get no dash lights and the car does not turn over.
I then shut key off and try it again….but this time I get no dash lights, no nothing. I have to physically disconnect battery then connect it again to get the “dash lights and the click in the seat”…again car does not turn on.
I went and bought/installed a starter solenoid and voltage regulator and still I get the same problems.
Hello Gary –
The click sound from the front seats sounds like the normal sound of the seat back release solenoids. When the door is opened this feature enables a rear seat passenger to easily fold the front seatback forward in order to enter the rear seat area.
Your power problem sounds like the classic bad battery cable connection, bad battery cable or bad battery. The existing poor connection is able to handle an electrical load up to a point and then it heats and disconnects and at that point you have “no power” any where until you reconnect the battery again. You can start by fully servicing the battery cable connections and at the same time examining the condition of the cables. A battery load test and condition test may be a good idea at this time as well. Hope this helps.

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