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77 Mark V Follow Up And New Questions

Bill –
I’m finishing up with my previous E-mail message to you about my Mark V stalling on the highway then restarts in a couple of minutes. Well…………….all of my electrical components were replaced, leaving just the fuel system to worry about. Before I spent the money on a fuel pump pressure test, however, I replaced the fuel filter. The old one seems to be ok (I could blow through it). Today I pulled my car out of storage after 4 years and drove it from Ocean Shores, WA to Tacoma, WA without any stalling problem. That Mark V is an absolute joy to drive…….one of my best cars of my life – ever.
Thanks for your advice Bill.
Tom –
P.S. Two more questions:
(1) Headlight covers will pop up after sitting awhile. Where is the usual vacuum leak located at?
(2) Although my front chairs will recline and straighten up…….and the lumbar system works as does all the other switches on my arms consoles…………..neither seat will move forward or backwards. Apparently the same fuse control all systems……… apparently this is not a fuse problem. Why then will my seats – both the driver & passenger seat – not move forward nor backwards?
Hi Tom –
The vacuum headlamp cover system and its problems has been explained at length in several previous blog posts. The causes of failures can be more than one, so you can use the search feature on the blog to locate them.
As for the seats not working “fore and aft” or “front and rear tilt” etc. the problem “usually and commonly” turns out to be caused by dried out lubricant inside the seat transmissions etc. Sometimes these transmissions and gears can be TEMPORARILY freed up by lightly tapping the side of a suspected component. While these items are not serviceable – we could supply you with a good used assembly if needed. Other problems have been found sometimes in the switches, wiring and the seat motor areas. If you will need any of our available information literature to help diagnose any of the above please contact us at any time. Hope that the above helps.

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