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1981 Mark VI Fuel Gauge – Pump Issues

Hello –
I have a 1981 Lincoln Mark VI with the 302 fuel injected engine. My fuel gauge is flashing empty. When I was trying to diagnose the fuel pump I connected 12v to the prongs on the side of the gas tank not the top. Could this of caused it to go bad? Does this sound like something that you can fix?
Hi Alfredo –
If this issue began immediately after your diagnosing efforts, I must of course assume that something electrical could have been damaged during that procedure. Do you have the necessary shop manual to follow in order to perform a safe diagnosis of that gauge and pump circuit. I am not certain if we can repair all or any your parts but we may be able to test them for you here at Lincoln Land. Good used replacement parts for these vehicles are also becoming more and more limited as time goes bye but we will work with you as best we can to help you with the repair. With that being said – check with us first for any needed parts.

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