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1979 Continental Autolamp Questions

Hi Bill
I skimmed a bunch of your blog posts and am not seeing any that address my specific issue…
I have a ’79 Town Car with the autolamp feature that I don’t use. That is, I operate my lights manually.
That said, when I pull the light switch to turn on the lights, everything works fine with the exception that the actual head lamps themselves do not turn on. If I press the hi-beam button, all four lamps come on. When I press the button again, all four lamps go off. So, no low beam.
Light covers, side markers, tail, cornering and dash lights work fine.
What’s my issue??
Jeff H
Jeff –
Since you don’t mention whether or not anyone has tried to check into this issue as yet, the best place to start is at the headlights with the lights turned on to the low beam position. Then with a 12v test light, check for power at the low beam electrical connection to the sealed beams. It is possible that the low beam filaments in both low beam units are burnt out. If there is power available and the lights do not come on they are burnt out. If there is no power available to the headlights at those connections at the headlights you will then need to make the electrical tests as shown in the shop manual. Your problem could then prove to be the Headlamp Power Relay , Headlamp Dimmer Switch or a wiring disconnect etc. The 1979 Shop Manual has excellent sections showing the operation and many diagnostic tests for the Autolamp Lights and the Automatic Headlamp Dimmer. This manual would be needed to perform these tests and to follow the various circuits. Do you have a set of the Shop Manuals. So Jeff, to answer your question “What’s my issue” ?? can only be correctly answered at your end with some diagnosis as outlined above.

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