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1971 Mark III Emission Tube Questions – Progress Update

Hi Bill,
My name is Dan. I picked up a couple of pieces from John that have helped me along with my 71 Mark III. Having redone the doors and electronics in there,along with the signal flasher via epoxy magic I reconditioned the interior wood all around and have now moved on to the engine, vacuum and emission systems; finding lost grounds, seized
washer pump, leaky vacuum canisters, a few lines that needed new rubber; reconditioned the power steering, vacuum air canisters and lines and emission air pump in need of some serious lube. Redid all the water lines, rad and air conditioning rad and so I am thinking this is looking like the clean up of the day having resolved about 5 inoperable accessory problems. Now I would like to deal with the emission tubes on
the back of the heads Bill. I saw some reference to these from your blog information about these tubes . Thank you for the great resource. From the wisdom I’ve garnered from your site, 18 months into my 71 Mk III adventure, I say you are a man of knowledge for sure when it comes to these beastly babies. What a delight the way big metal indulges luxury with the last of a bread. Anyway, when you remove the pipes from the block; I am thinking they are pressure fit from what you were saying; so just twist them off Bill? Then refit a pressure type connector back into the outlet. They are not threaded are they Bill?
I know you mentioned the option of seal these but I was thinking that I may as well put it back into the system as original for now anyway. I did have a lot of success reconditioning all the auxiliary canisters in the system. Or would you say save the effort to spin the air pump and save emissions that way Bill.
Thanks again and have a great day.
Hi Dan –
Good to hear that you are doing so well in the restoration of your Mark.
You are correct, Those emission pipe ends merely insert snuggly into the heads and are held in tight with a finger clamp and bolt that is similar to the speedo cable installation into the transmission. They should pull out easily with the removal of the hold down bolt. As mentioned in previous posts you can restore to original ( if you have the necessary good parts ) or you can remove the whole system along with the tubes. Push in plugs that are a version of frost plugs for the block but smaller are available for the elimination of the tubes into the heads.

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