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1969 Mark III Questions….

Hi Bill,
Just had two quick questions for you.
On a ’69 Mark III, I just replaced the blower motor. I’ve connected everything back together the way it came apart, and now air only comes out of the defrosters no matter what setting I have it on. I don’t believe I missed anything. What could cause this?
Issue # 2: How do I get the wipers operational in that they shut off when I turn them off. Right now, I can turn the knob all the way to the left, yet they still remain on until they decide they want to shut off, i.e. I could be driving around for 4 days with them on.
Thanks in advance for any insight you may have!
Hi Dan –
Both of your problems could be easy for you to correct. Your 69 Mark as well as others has an automatic default to the Defrost mode if the Climate Control system looses vacuum. When you replaced the blower motor you probably dislodged a vacuum line. The most likely place is at the ATC box or the recirc vacuum actuator as they are next to the right kick panel area at the firewall. You would have been working in that location. Check carefully near that or any other area where you were working for a vacuum line that is unplugged.
If the wipers are slow to turn off you should check the wiper motor cable adjustment which is located behind a small removable panel behind the engine at the firewall. The wiper motor hydraulic hoses can be seen passing through this panel. It is a simple cable control that can be adjusted for a more complete “off” position of the wiper motor control lever. The other possibility is the vacuum bleed for the windshield washer vacuum actuator. This feature sends a pulse of vacuum to the wiper motor when the washer button is activated to allow for several swipes of the wipers in order to clean the windshield. This vacuum is bled off after a few seconds and the wipers stop. If the vacuum fails to bleed from the vacuum hose the wipers will remain on. The small bleed off module is located in the vacuum line near the brake booster and is easy to clean and adjust. In some cases the wiper motor will need to be replaced if the adjustments do not correct the problem. If you are not familiar with this wiper system or the adjustments and need further instructions, call us at Lincoln Land and ask for Al Baker. He will be aware of your recent enquiry. I hope that this helps you correct the problems quickly.

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