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1962 Vacuum Issues

Hi Bill,
I have a 62 Lincoln which I imported from the States to Australia this year and now are trying to put back the Vacuum tubes to the right spots as many of the lines have been disconnected by the previous owner.
I have several Diagrams and workshop manuals of the Vacuum circuits but none of them explain clearly the second Vacuum tank under the passenger front guard. It has two lines coming out of it and am assuming one goes
to the right hand heater temp regulator valve, but not sure of the other line or if the Vacuum tank is partitioned off in the center making it act like two tanks as I’ve seen on a drawing with a line through the middle of the tank.
On my 62 the left hand tank feeds the break booster as well as the left hand heater etc.
Hello Dale,
That 62 will be a nice car for you in Australia. The vacuum tank at the right fender in front of the right front wheel is as you suspect, a dual tank in one unit. It is actually partitioned inside and is used as two separate vacuum reservoirs. One section is for the Heater or Heater/Air Conditioner vacuum supply, and the other section is for the Power Door Lock vacuum supply. The Heat and AC section at that canister is the ONLY vacuum supply for that complete circuit ( left and right heater ). The vacuum reservoir at the left fender is ONLY for the Power Brake booster. If you feel that any of your vacuum diagrams etc. are inadequate we should be able to supply you with further information. We hope that the above helps and we look forward to looking after any of your future requirements that you may have.

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