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1963 Coolant Issues

Hey Bill!
Lincoln Land is awesome and your blog is a gift to Lincoln owners!
I’m having an issue with my cooling system that maybe you can shed some light on.
When I run the car for 10 minutes or so then shut it off coolant comes pouring out of a pencil width hole under the reservoir cap. I know there used to be a 90degree pipe that pointed down but must have broken off with the previous owner.
Any idea why the coolant would pour out of that hole when the car has been running for a while?
The previous owner said he replaced the thermostat. When I bought the car I drained the radiator and refilled the coolant.
Thanks for your help!
Hi Matt –
It is normal for a cooling system level to expand and expel air and some coolant after a drain and refill as the engine is restarted and heats to operating temperature. After the initial start up and the engine is run up to operating temperature the cooling system level is then readjusted by the technician. The overflow tube that you are missing is necessary to direct the coolant overflow downward to avoid spilling on to engine electrical and ignition parts etc. Parts that help to govern the cooling system operation at this point are the radiator cap and the thermostat itself. They must be in good working order. After the coolant is finally readjusted and cools down once more the level will be lower in the system so that when it is restarted there should be no more expelling of the coolant. If you need parts to correct your cooling system such as the expansion tank, we have them available.

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