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1962 Continental Seat Issues

Hey Bill,
First of all, Ive bought a few parts from your shop and the blog is very helpful and I refer to it a lot when i run into dead ends, thank you! I notice there haven’t been any posts since 2012 but I hope its still an active blog as i do have a question…The power front seat in my 62 Lincoln operates “up and down” but it doesn’t move forward or backward. The motor (along with the shaft it is attached too) under the seat spins when i hit the switch but the seat just doesn’t move. Is this a common problem? Any ideas on how too fix it??
Thanks in advance,
Hi John –
We are pleased that you enjoy the blog. We have posted many new items continuously up to the present date. They should be available to you as well.
The most common problem with your power seat issue is old well aged lubricant in the mechanism. We service these units here at Lincoln Land by disassembling the entire mechanism and then cleaning, testing and re lubricating all of the necessary parts. At this time any badly warn gear parts and faulty solenoids etc. are also replaced. Many customers choose to send theirs in to us for service or if they have some skills they will do the work themselves. In most cases, lightly and carefully tapping on the mechanism with a small hammer while operating the switch will sometimes temporarily free up the unit and prove out the diagnosis. Service will however still be required at some point in the future.

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