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Hi Bill
First things first ! I went to have a look at the Lincoln 1669 ( whit the broken head light covers, see my last question ) And this car was outside in a very good shape but inside was a different ball game ! No this car hat to much work for the money he was asking . So now I am starting to look for a other one and I know one this is a black one and here the outside is in a reasonable condition and the inside is new ! I say the outside is reasonable because the car has some rust spots on the B styles next to the rear side window, (outside off that the car is new spray painted ) . But this is something I can fix my self . But I want to ask you something about a vinyl roof ! and that is , is it possible to but a vinyl roof on a car ( 69 Lincoln ) who did not hat one when he left the dealer in 69 ?? ( cover up the rust spots! ) and if it is possible?? than I am looking for piece of molding strip and that is the one that is in between de rear window and the trunk and this one is going from left to right over the car and a little bit on the sides . This one is a part of the vinyl roof moldings ( see picture ) I hope you have some answers for me about this little ( big ? ) problem .
Ray in the Netherlands
Hi Ray –
The parts to install a vinyl roof on the 69 Mark III are available but not abundantly available. We would need some appropriate lead time in order to supply the correct parts. You should know however that a 69 Mark III without the optional vinyl roof is a very rare (95 only built) and sought after item in the collectable Lincoln hobby. We have one pictured in our photo gallery section in dark blue. This car happens to be owned by myself since around 1983. Chris also has one in black that has been in his family for many years. You could consider restoring the top on yours the way it is and driving it for a while. After a period of time if you still want to, you could still install a vinyl top and moldings at that time. You should know however that some owners removed their vinyl tops because of severe deterioration that detracted from the great looking cars that they are. I am sure that whatever you carefully decide to do you will in the end have a Mark to be proud of.
The link to our photo galleries are

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