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65 Turn Signals and Valve Concerns

We have a1965 Lincoln which is being restored by my son. The turn signals won’t work could it be the flasher or bad bulbs or something else also do we have to replace the stock valves to burn todays unleaded gas.
Thank You,
The Wolfman
Hi Wolfman –
Turn signals….Ya gotta have em.
The turn signal flasher is a good possibility and a good place to start to look for a problem. It should be located behind the dash in the instrument cluster above the steering column. The power runs through the flasher and up the column to the t. s. switch via a blue wire. You could start by testing at this blue wire with a test light. If there is no power there with the key on, then the flasher is suspect. If there is power on this blue wire up the column to the switch the t.s. sw. itself is a good candidate. I strongly advise a wiring diagram and service manual as they can save hours of guess work and time.
As for the valves and unleaded fuel you may hear many opinions but the short answer is that for the most part no problems really occurred to any of us in the old car hobby that I am aware of. In 1972 Fo.Mo.Co and others began installing Case Hardened Valve Seats on the heads of their engines to handle unleaded fuel. The valves themselves are allready hardened. Back then we were all “scared” into believing that the valve seats on all of our older cars would soon recede into the heads and all kinds of roughness and problems would appear. We were told that we would need to remove the heads on our cars and have them all modified s.a.p. This never happened. I own four Lincolns dating from 1954 to 1970 and have experienced NO problems of this type. It is generally understood though that some valve seat recession could be measured if pre 1972’s are driven with heavy loads at sustained and constant high speeds. This is our experience at Lincoln Land and of course we would welcome any other opinions and experiences. Good luck with your restoration!

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