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1997 Town Car Headlight Switch Indicator Light

Dear Bill:
I have been a big fan of Lincoln Land for a long time and just now became aware of your blog.
I have a 1997 Town Car with 58,000 miles. My question is about the headlight switch. There appears to be a small indicator light next to the control knob. If this is indeed a light, is it suppose to be illuminated when the control knob is set to “auto”? I have my original owner’s manual and a few shop manuals but I seem to keep missing any verbiage on the subject that might be explained in the text.
Can you help?
Thank you for any suggestions. Also, my thanks to Chris for all his help in the past too. By chance, has Lincoln Land received any new “baseball” caps with the Lincoln Logo on them? Chris had sent me one once before but the cap was shaped more like a “John Deere” cap rather than a traditional “baseball” cap that I would prefer (I’m embarrassed driving around with my Cadillac cap from the old days).
Greetings Bob,
Sorry to take so long for this reply. As you aluded to, the information in the manuals for this indicator light near the Headlamp sw. is unclear at best. This indicator light will come on only when the Autolamp is enabled AND if the Headlamps have actually been turned on Automatically by the Autolamp. This lets you know between early dusk and dawn that the Autolamp is doing its job for you.
As for the hats, Chris advises that we do not at this date have any of the ones that you would like. Keep in touch and check with us at a later date. In this business we have “surprise arrivals” all the time. In the meantime, enjoy that nice 97 Town Car.

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