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1991 Town Car Update #3 and Mark III Blower Motor Questions

Hi Bill –
Well, we did it. We replaced 4 lifters and valve seals on the third and fourth cylinder on the driver’s side. We tuned it to boot, so it seems to be fine – no ticking. Thanks for your help on this.
I want to ask you a question too about getting a heater/ac blower motor for the 70 Mark III. I have put in a question to Lincoln Land parts but have not heard back yet. Is it possible to rebuild these motors and if so does Lincoln Land do that? I’ve got all the parts except the blower. I have the original and while I could hear it turn before I took the unit apart, I’m not sure what kind of shape it is in other that being very rusty. I’ve cleaned it up quite a bit, but I would like to replace or rebuild it before I put everything back together.
Thanks for being there.
Hi Gregg –
We’re glad that you got the 91 looked after and I bet that you are glad that you went ahead with that repair.
As for the Mark III blower motor, we don’t rebuild them here at Lincoln Land at this time because we are still able (in most cases) to supply new units. However, if you have been able to actually take your unit apart successfully as you indicate, why not check with a local small Electric Motor and Alternator/Generator Repair shop in your area. They may be able to supply you with new motor brushes and perhaps bushings also if you need them. Don’t forget to oil the bushings. Failing that, I am sure that we can arrange a new motor for you if necessary.
I’m not sure who took your original inquiry at Lincoln Land but you should be getting a similar answer back from that inquiry as well.

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