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1991 Town Car Belt Issue

Hello Bill –
It’s been awhile. I have a 1991 Lincoln Town Car that “eats” a the single belt about once a year. We replaced the alternator awhile back and discovered that we had to change the alternator pulley because of the belt’s groove configuration. However, I have had to replace the belt within the last 2 weeks after about a year’s use. The engine side of the belt was coming apart. It has been suggested to replace the belt tension pulley system as it may be pushing the belt unevenly. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?
Hi Gregg –
Welcome back to the blog. Replacing a serpentine belt every year is excessive unless you are running up many,many miles. I can offer the following suggestions without actually viewing your engine. The alignment of ALL of the pulleys and idlers to each other must be correct or the belt will continually Scuff in one area and wear out prematurely. The pulleys themselves must also ALL be correct for that 1991 engine. Finally, I recommend only a Premium quality belt be used. A competent well “seasoned” technician should be able to inspect any of the above for you and locate your problem. I hope that these suggestions help you discover an easy to repair defect. Please let us know what you find.

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