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1979 Mark V – Smoking, With A Hint Of Gas….

Hi Bill,
So here’s my problem I’ve been having with my Mark V.
So she has been sitting for a while and I started the car here and there, but now I wanna drive my car as a daily. But I noticed every time I start it, a white/blueish cloud of smoke comes out the exhaust with a very very strong smell of fuel. My clothes smell like it if I am even outside my car when it’s on. I believe it’s the carburetor running too rich on fuel, but I’m not sure. The oil dipstick smells like gas too! It worries me a bunch.
I only have 76K miles on her. After a cold start and it warms up. The car will start back up again without any hesitation and no smoke, but still have a very strong smell of gas.
Ivan –
Any vehicle that sits dormant for a long period of time can have several failures when it is finally awakened and put back in service. You do not advise us what you mean by ” she has been sitting for a while “. Could that mean sixteen months or maybe sixteen years? What have you or your mechanic done so far to correct the fuel smell etc.? If you are smelling raw fuel and cannot locate a raw fuel leak at the fuel tank, lines to the fuel pump and around the carburetor I would suspect that the carburetor has failed and is allowing raw gas to overflow into the engine. Black exhaust could be a sign of a choke that is not opening as required and/or that the inlet floats are not operating as designed. Diagnosis may be needed by a competent mechanic on scene with your Mark V.

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