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1967 Continental Coupe Running Issues & Update

Hi Bill,
I drive my Lincoln around for about 10 minutes with no problems, then eventually the accelerator starts to give up and when I press the accelerator it makes a whining sound. When its on idle it doesn’t make the whining sound, only when I accelerate. I have to pull over and let it rest for 10 minutes in order to drive it again for 10 minutes and encounter the same problem. Any ideas on what can cause this? I have an electric ignition source too wondering if that’s the reason… please help.
Greetings Alex –
The description of your issue really provides me with very little information to even guess what your problem could be. The fact that you also offer no information on what has been already checked or inspected by yourself or your mechanic also adds to my problem in diagnosing.
What does ” eventually the accelerator starts to give up” mean?
Whining and squealing suggests something as easy as a loose drive belt or a noisy electric fuel pump (if you have had one installed). If the engine simply stops running after 10 minutes you could be experiencing a plugging fuel filter, a failing fuel pump, old fuel from a contaminated fuel tank etc etc. For all that I know your Lincoln may have been sitting unused and untuned for many years.
Can you supply us with more and helpful information that may lead to some better suggestions for you.
We probably can’t help with your after market electronic ignition without having the vehicle here to do our own testing.
Yeah sorry,
Ok so I start my 1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe and it starts up fine. As I get 10 minutes or so into driving normally, when I step on the accelerator it hesitates and very little power is given into the throttle. Also at the same time is makes this weird whining noise only when I press the accelerator. It can idle fine no problem no noise.
If I park it for 10 minute and let it rest then fire it back up it runs and drives fine again for 10 minute or so.
When I step on the accelerator it seems like it rubs on something and makes this whining noise and also shakes sometimes. This all happens after 10 minutes of driving. Before that it drives smooth and accelerator works fine.
I did have the power steering pump and transmission box repaired because of a leak.
How do you think I should start to diagnose this problem.
Thanks –
Alex –
I would start by having your mechanic open the hood and inspect the complete accelerator linkage for some sort of interference. You should be aware that some of the linkage on this model is located under the floor at the accelerator pedal. It has a flexible bellows attached to prevent moisture intrusion. The linkage and structure at this location is known to corrode, seize and subsequently cause problems.
Then the accessory engine drive belts should be checked for condition and looseness. This type of problem may require some on scene diagnosis by only an experienced technician in order to pinpoint the issue quickly and correctly. For the next step, the engine should be running and the whining noise should be in the audible stage for you to try to locate the cause during the diagnosis. Your issue could even prove to be a carburetor problem. The above suggestions and my previous reply are the best that I can supply at this point based on the information that you have provided. I also assume that your engine and related engine parts are stock and in good order. Be sure to use extra caution and safety measures around a running engine. Let us know if anything is found during the inspections.

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