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1963 Lincoln Continental Running On After Being Turned Off

Bill –
I just had my 1963 Lincoln convertible serviced. They changed the oil, complete brake job, changed two core plugs, and got the air conditioning system operating. We inherited this car and before taking it to get it serviced the engine did not make much noise. I just received the car back yesterday. I went on two drives and when I turned the car off, the engine started to rattle and make banging noises. What is the potential issue here? I have also been putting in 87 ethanol free gas, could that be an issue? I have been concerned putting in any gas mixed with ethanol as I am pretty sure the car has not been modernized to take any percentage of ethanol fuel, even fuel mixed with 10% ethanol. Any help and recommendations are appreciated.
Hi Will –
Your description sounds very strongly like the engine has too fast of an idle when at operating temperature and is Dieseling a.k.a. Running On instead of shutting off immediately when the key is turned off. Show your mechanic the problem. It may turn out to be a simple carburetor adjustment that he can handle in a very short time. This is a common occurrence with all high compression engines. That engine should be using Premium high octane fuel.

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