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1962 Continental Runs Rough After Warm Up

Hi Bill,
I have a 62 continental that runs fine when it is cold, but after it warms up, and I drive it a few miles, it begins to run very rough, almost like some cylinders are not firing.. I’ve replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor, but that did not help. It is even more pronounced when I brake, the whole car shakes violently. This circumstance sometimes fades away after awhile and then comes back, but the car always runs fine initially. Any ideas?
Thank you,
San Jose, CA
Greetings John –
Your statement “It is even more pronounced when I brake, the whole car shakes violently” is a big clue here. When you brake you are actuating the Power Brake Booster and it is applying the brakes with the use of engine vacuum. The booster is supplied vacuum from the intake manifold via a large vacuum hose. If the Booster is leaking internally during such times as a brake application, a large amount of vacuum will be depleted from the manifold. When this occurs the proper air/fuel mixture will be greatly upset to the engine so as to cause your violent shaking. Your power brake unit needs to be inspected as a first step John as soon as possible according to your above statement and my suspicions.
I also would also advise checking the condition of the ignition points and condenser along with the vacuum advance. This checking should include the dwell meter test of the points and the engine timing as well. We hope that the above helps you John. If you have any further information on your problem or require any parts for your repair please contact us at any time.

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