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Retrofitting The Old Station Wagon

Dear Uncle Bill,
I am in the middle of purchasing a 1967 Country Squire wagon and am
interested in knowing how hard it would be to retro-fit it with a
tilt-away wheel. It is my understanding that this feature was
available in 1967, 68 and 69, and that the way it worked (hardware) was
different on all 3 years. Whaddaya think?
Also, I have noted that some 1967 Ford wagons have vents on the door
panels and some do not – I am aware that Ford introduce a flow thru
ventilation that year, and the ones with the vents had little black
flaps on the door jamb below the latching mechanism. Do you know
anything about this?? Why some do and some don’t have the vents??
See you soon,
Carter –
I have no “for sure” knowledge on the tilt or tilt away steering wheel retro-fit but I would suppose if you had a donor from the same year and car it can be done. You would need to change ALL of the necessary parts of course. Keep in mind that the collapsible steering columns appeared in 68 and therefore I would think only a 67 would be at all possible.
As for the flo-thru vent system, I would surmise that it was installed on FoMoCo’s High End cars only such as all Lincolns and T-Birds, Mercury Marquis, Ford LTDs and Squire wagons etc. but not on any base models. Take care Carter.
See you in Florida….

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