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Questions Regarding Proper Oil For His Lincoln

I sure enjoy the advice you offer. Your blog has been my go to often. My question this time is about oil weights. I have been told by different people to use a certain weight. My car has about 103,000 miles on it. What weight do you suggest I use. Also a brand of oil, etc.
Thanks so much,
Ogden, Utah
Hi Lincoln –
Nice looking Continental you have there and we are happy that you enjoy the blog. When you ask about oil choices you will get hundreds of different answers so I can only give you my own opinion. Other opinions will also be valid and may also apply.
When asked about oil and oil changes I have a saying “oil is cheap, metal is expensive”. I believe in having uncontaminated and clean looking oil in my engines at all times Assuming that the 460 engine in your car is in good shape at 103,000 miles and is not using any oil, or excessive oil. I would use 10-30 weight. If you drive it in winter time around town the engine would appreciate 5-30 during these cold periods. When you embark on a long road trip during a hot summer, 10-40 would be a good choice at that time. I prefer full synthetic oil in all my Lincoln engines from the 54 Capri to the 93 Cartier. They have all been changed to the synthetic product at this time. I always use a premium brand, and I like Ford’s Motorcraft brand of oils and filters. I believe that other national brands of oils and filters are also of an excellent quality, but I still believe in the quality of the Ford name.
There is still the question of certain additives being absent in today’s modern oils that were necessary to satisfy the needs of the engines in our older cars. For me and in my own personal opinion the jury is still out on this verdict. I have seen no evidence of any lubrication problems caused by oil in any of my engines. The manner in which most collectible older cars are driven of course may be different than a daily heavy use vehicle. This is why I do respect and appreciate others opinions but of course in the end you must make your own choices. I hope that the above helps you to make the correct decisions for your Lincoln.

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