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Questions On 1966 & 1967 Models… And A Compliment :)

Hello Bill –
I recently purchased a 67 Continental a few months ago with a very rough interior. A few days ago I found a 66 model with most of the interior in tact and matching my original color scheme. It’s missing the motor and bumpers but everything else is in fair condition. The owner is asking very little for this car and I just wanted to make it a parts car but I’m unsure how comparable the parts are. By the way your staff did a great job helping me find a filler neck for my Lincoln at a fair price!
Greetings Frank –
We are very happy that you are pleased with our parts and service.
There are many parts that are the same between the two years of Lincolns that you are discussing that can easily be used. There are also some that may not. Interior trim and seats could be usable for instance but have pattern characteristics that are dissimilar etc. A good idea might be for you to send us a sample list of the parts that you really need for the 67 and we will respond with a reply pertaining to these parts specifically. This way you can determine whether or not the 66 parts car will work out for your situation.

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