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Hi Bill,

My name is John and as of writing you I am a 16 year old kid who is aspiring to own a 66 Continental Convertible. I’ve read some of your forums in the past and I’m aware that you are very familiar with Continentals. I am currently on the search for a Continental of my own. However as you know for a Junior in High-school money is nowhere near infinite. I want your input as someone much more well versed in this subject than me, as I want to pull the trigger on a Continental before my eventual venture to adulthood. Are there any outlying problems with these cars that I may overlook in my search? I appreciate any input and insight you may me.

Many thanks,


Hi John –

A sixties Lincoln is a great car to have as a collector car for its looks , quality and just pure pride of ownership. When I am cruising with our 69 sedan people of all ages are always honking followed by a thumb’s up approval. The 4 door convertibles of course garner even more attention and approval.

These Lincolns as well as other “high end” luxury automobiles however do require extra attention and maintenance because of their age and power options etc. In my opinion some of the most important items to watch for are the presence of much rust and previous poorly executed body repairs. Many cars of this age are well entrenched with this heavy unibody corrosion and plenty of bondo lathered on their bodies. Also, a car with some of its power equipment and options that are non-operative can be a financial challenge and time consuming. On the other hand, there are plenty of beautiful well-maintained examples out there that would be perfect for you to have and enjoy for many years. They all require some professional ongoing maintenance in certain areas and parts are not always cheap or really easy to find.

Chris Dunn’s Lincoln Land has been around and available to Lincoln lovers for a long time now. Chris along with his professional staff will be more than pleased to help you with your purchase and issues that you may be faced with in the future as we stock a large selection of popular repair parts. When you find a Lincoln that you really like give Chris a call and let him help you with any concerns that you may have. Good luck to you in your Lincoln search.



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