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No Heat In The 87 Town Car

Hi Bill –
I have one more question – I have a 1987 Lincoln Town Car and my uncle and dad decided to change my heater core because it started leaking. Now I don’t have heat anymore.
Hi Bret –
Sorry to hear that you have lost your heat after the heater core replacement. Some of those heater core repair jobs can be frustrating. I will assume that you had OK heater operation prior to the core change and will base my answer on that assumption.
It is unlikely but not impossible that another component has failed during the heater core change. The Temperature Control Sensor could have locked up in the full cool position and is causing the air to bypass the heater core but in my opinion this would be possible but not very likely. The engine thermostat could have stuck in the open position and is now causing the engine coolant to be overcooled. This has happened before. If the no heat problem was in fact caused during the Heater core replacement, then the fault lies with one of two things. The core itself is wrong/faulty or an error in re- assembly occurred. If a “used” core was installed it may be plugged. Vacuum lines may be re-installed incorrectly under the dash or the coolant level is low or air locked.
If what you are describing is only a loss of blower “fan” in the HEAT position and you have blower fan in the other control lever positions, this is usually caused by a failed Cold Engine Lockout sensor that is located in one of the heater hoses under the hood.
Their is no mechanic in the world that has not needed to occasionally “backtrack” or “double check” his work on a job to correct an error that occurred during his repair. I hope that the above suggestions help you and should you need any further help, repair parts or manuals please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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