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New 1973 Owner Questions About Fuel

Hi Bill!
I bought a 1973 Lincoln Continental 3 months ago and I have a question about the fuel I should be using. I heard that they stared making cars with different valve seats to run on unleaded fuel in about 1973. I was just wondering… on the air filter housing it says “regular gasoline” but no where does it say “unleaded” not even under the gas cap, or on the door. I mean back then in ’73 cars running on unleaded fuel was a new thing. That’s why I think that my ’73 Lincoln should run on leaded gas, but I could be wrong. Do you know it for sure if it runs on leaded or unleaded.
Hi Steve –
Your 73 will do just fine with today’s unleaded regular fuel. Ford started installing case hardened valve seats in 1972 on all cars in North America in order to use the new unleaded offerings. If you search the archives here you will find a previous post on the subject. Congrats on your 73 and welcome to the world of Lincoln. You can count on Lincoln Land for any advice or products that you may need in the future.

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