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Mark III Window Motors

Hi Bill,
It’s Gregg again with the 1970 Mark III. I have a couple of questions about the window motors for this car. I’ve just taken apart the right front door in order to replace the window motor. I did this on the left front and everything works fine there. I was wondering are these two motors interchangeable right door to left door and can they be rebuilt? I’m going to have to do work on the rear windows as well and I’m wondering if the rear motor units would be interchangeable as well. Thanks for the info on the headlight doors; I have a tech manual for 69 to 71 Mark III and am getting ready to run vacuum checks.
Appreciate you being there.
Hey Gregg –
Glad to hear that you are “en route” with the vacuum headlamp door problem. On your Mark, unfortunately the window motor assemblies are not interchangeable as the “Gear Ends” are symmetrically opposite (left and right). You can take yours apart if you like and service them etc. We do not offer this service at Lincoln Land at this time because we have new assemblies available at very reasonable prices. Except for the rear quarter windows, our new ones are complete with new gears as well. It is a real pleasure to have the electric windows working nicely and I wish you “easy fixes”. Contact us at any time for further information and prices.
Sincerely –

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