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Hard Start Several Days

Hi Bill,
I have a 1970 Lincoln Mark III and am having a drivability issue. If the car sits for more than one week without being started, you have to pump the gas about 10-20 times to get fuel into the carb. Once started, the motor runs horribly with very poor throtle response even when up to operating temperature. Howerver if you shut it off after warmup and let the car sit for 10-15 minutes, the car runs and drives great. I checked for vacuum leaks and could not find any. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Patrick
Hi Patrick
Before going any further on the hard starting I am assuming that the engine is properly tuned up in respect to plugs, high tension wiring, points and condenser and all of the correct adjustments to the above are in order. As well as proper ignition, the battery must be the correct size and fully charged and the starter must be in good order.Of course your fuel filter should be checked or replaced if that hasn’t been done so in a while. If the above is in good order then you need to inspect your choke operation. Ideally the choke must be closed completely when the engine is cold and cranking. When the engine starts, the choke will open slightly as specified and then continue on to open completely as the engine warms up. An engine with poor choke operation will never start and idle properly when cold. All of these operations and specifications can be seen and explained in the available maintenance manual. I hope this helps you. Let us know if you need further assistance or any manuals.
Good luck

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