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Worthwhile Tip for collectible Lincoln owners…

Greetings fellow Lincoln owners –
Whether or not you are planning on doing your own maintenance and repairs, the correct FoMoCo Shop Manual and Wiring Diagram set is a must for you to have at your side. The pluses for having this information on hand cannot be over emphasized. They can save you many hours of confusion, along with saving you from replacing parts that are not faulty, etc. However if you are having a local favorite technician diagnose and repair your Lincoln, he or she will be delighted to have these manuals available as a reference as they could speed up the procedures and even save you many dollars and time wasted. Used correctly they can be the most valuable tools in your tool box.
The factory manuals have changed over the years and after approximately 1967 the detailed wiring diagrams were a separate publication and therefore needed to be obtained as a separate item by the Dealers from FoMoCo. In some years, there are even separate vacuum diagrams to aid in your repair.
If you would like more information on these manuals please contact George at our Lincoln Land office at any time…727 446 2193…

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