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General Advise For Autolamp Issues From Bill….

Hello Lincoln lovers –
When pursuing issues with the Autolamp and Auto Headlamp dimmer operation we advise to examine the circuit with the device switched to the Manual operation first. Many faults originate from the “easier to diagnose” manual side of the circuit and are wrongly deemed to be a difficult electronic issue. If a problem is found here in the manual position it can be corrected and the complete system may become perfectly operative again. Once the manual side is checked and found to be in working order you can then move to diagnosing the more complicated Automatic portion.
We cannot emphasize enough that a shop manual and wiring diagram is a must in order to help diagnose many of these electronic devices. Even if you are not doing your own repairs, your technician will appreciate the shop manual and schematics that you provide. The manuals can save you many dollars and time and if you ever sell your car they may prove to be a selling point.
Bill and the Lincoln Land Staff

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