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1967 Continental Exhaust Leaks And Performance Parts Questions

First let me say that your archive is awesome and has already helped me greatly. I just picked up a Sea Foam Green (not exactly sure if that is the right color) 67 Continental coupe. I am defiantly already beginning to see what makes this car special. Other than the basic problems that it seems like everyone has, It runs pretty good.
I have 2 questions for you.
1. I have some pretty substantial exhaust leaks coming from the header. The guy I bought it from said he recently replaced the headers and gaskets but I’m not sure how recent, “recent” is. Should I replace the gaskets or should I replace the whole manifold again.
2. What performance parts have you seen that are available for the 462 motor. I don’t want to go crazy and make it a hot rod, but I would like to give her a little more pep in her step. I have looked for things like headers (to fix problem #1) and have found nothing. Please let me know what your recommendations are.
Thanks again for your time and keep doing what you’re doing.
Jason –
If you have serious exhaust leaks or even slight leaks at the exhaust manifolds you would need to carefully inspect these manifolds for cracks and/or missing (blown out) gasket portions. Of course to be accurate an on site inspection will be necessary with a good ear and possibly a stethoscope. Accuracy in this diagnosis can save you much time and money. If the gaskets are found to be o/k and were indeed replaced properly with quality parts your problem may prove to be manifold and or heads needing to be machined or as simple as missing or loose studs and nuts etc.
As far as speed equipment for these engines, we at Lincoln Land do not recommend or actually endorse any particular products of this nature. The aftermarket choices are so plentiful and the personal desires of each individual owner is so varied that is difficult to satisfy most customers. If you have recently purchased your Lincoln why not get it tuned up and running nicely at this time in order for you to experience that powerful 462 as it was designed and then later you can research and experiment with some available speed equipment if you still want to.

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