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1988 Town Car – New Owner Heating Issues

Bill –
My heater doesn’t work on my 1988 Lincoln Town Car. The air conditioning works great, but will not produce heat in the winter. Could you give me some suggestions on where to look?Their is a control sensor on the heater line that the hot water goes through with 2 vacuum lines could it be that? If so could you tell me part number to order.
Thanks much. My neighbor had cancer and I mowed his lawn 3 acres and brush hogged his place for 8 years and wouldn’t take any money for the car, he left me this Lincoln with only 26,000 original miles. Had to get transmission rebuilt as the valve was stuck from setting too long. However I did start it once a month for him, and let it run so rest is great. Please help
Hello Don –
Welcome to Lincoln Land. Without much information from your end on what has been checked so far I can only offer a few items to look at.
There will be little or no heat available if the engine thermostat is removed or is stuck in the open position. In the control system, a part known as the sensor ( sniffer sensor) under the dash above the glove box could be stuck in the full cooling position or the cable to operate it could be disconnected or faulty. These areas are items for your mechanic to check ( with a proper manual ). I do not believe at all that the sensor in the heater hose could have anything to do with this problem that you describe.

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